Your leaders navigate the success of your organization.

The people leading your organization are the primary determinant of the outcome for your success. Their actions and their words bear great weight, affecting retention, morale, key results and innovation.

At Bearing, we believe that each leader is unique and brings their own experience, knowledge, skills, and attitude to their role. We work collaboratively with leaders to make them better leaders. We help them raise their awareness of themselves, as they are now and as how they affect others in the performance of their roles. We strengthen your leaders from the inside out.

Our flexible, tailored methods put your organization on the precise course to get the required results:

  • Identify and develop your High Potential leaders
  • Own your strengths and develop from a position of power
  • Learn how others see you and become a better leader
  • Become more resilient by increasing your personal power
  • Essential personal leadership skills development - The 90 Day Challenge
  • Get faster results with Team Coaching
  • One-to-one Coaching


Leaders who work with us gain meaningful insight into themselves, what it means to them to be a leader and what their work means to them.  It generates their “why” answer that empowers purposeful actions. They work, like we do, from the inside out towards success.

Want to be the compass that sets your organization's direction? Let’s start talking! 

  • A refreshing re-introduction to the importance of goal setting and the path to achieving them.
    — Steven Porter, October 2017