Set the course to success for your entire organization.

At Bearing, we empower organizations with fundamental skills that help every stakeholder embark on their journey to success.

Our unique “inside out” approach strengthens your business from the inside out, one individual at a time. With strong individuals, we believe you create strong teams, strong leaders, and a strong will for meaningful success for everyone involved at every level.

Bearing’s Fundamental Skills packages can be seamlessly combined with our Leader and Team Development Services to provide you with a full corporate training partner:

  • Leadership training (new leaders)
  • Team Building (young teams)
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Consultative Selling
  • Strategic Results Program


No matter what sort of development your organization seeks, Bearing can help you navigate your way there. You can trust our expertise and experience to help you grow your business from the inside out, as you gain leadership and team-building skills that benefit your bottom line. We always go beyond the classroom to coach for traction — making our training “stick” for meaningful, measurable results. Bearing believes that with small, short, regular coaching, significant benefit from training can be gained with little additional effort.

Make every development and training dollar from here out, 4 times more effective!  Let’s have a conversation about fundamental skills development in your organization! 

  • Thank you for the informative seminar. I know I can use the strategies towards my business objectives and executing goals.
    — Pamela Wong, October 2017
  • A very focused approach to refresh the importance of goals, dreams/vision and a plan of action for personal and business growth.
    — Helena Lopes-Teves, October 2017