Mutual success is achieved together.

Great teams are mutually created, not appointed. This is the root of Bearing’s approach to teamwork. Great teams actively spend time together and use shared energy to create, strengthen, and repair respectful, collaborative relationships. Successful teams maintain trust, add value, and are always committed to team goals above their personal goals.

At Bearing, we work with leaders and their direct reports to create powerful, functional, positive-thinking teams.

Bearing’s proprietary, flexible team-building strategies help leaders grow great teams:

  • Team Function Assessment
  • Team Strengths Development
  • 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team™
  • 1-many Coaching
  • Leader as Coach Training
  • Actionable Conversations™


Working with Bearing facilitates teams to navigate successes and obstacles together as beacons of cooperative, supportive work. Shared, meaningful work enables everyone on your team to experience being a part of a successful whole. Proactive, productive problem solving is just one of the benefits our clients attribute to our team-building strategies. Teams created in this way work within themselves, from the inside out, towards external forces with better, more meaningful results.

Want to be the one to navigate your team to new successes? Let's figure it out.