Michael Hagley

Owner + Coach

The energy of people coming together, in trust and with commitment to each other, to find solutions, create something new, move through transitions, or create transformation, is a powerful thing.

I have seen the power of true connection between people at work! It creates an environment that fosters, trust, collaboration, commitment, accountability and results!

I founded Bearing to work with leaders, teams and individuals to help and support them through Transitions and Transformations of all kinds! I have a mission to work with First-time Managers through their transition from Rockstar Individual Contributor to Manager.  I believe it is one of the biggest transitions anyone in business can make.  It literally changes your world.

I love seeing my clients move forward! There is nothing better than that in the work I do.  I've seen my clients be successful through huge challenges.  I've seen them make successful transitions in life and at work.  I've seen them transform the way they work, think and behave.  In each case they achieve different and sometimes previously elusive results! They also learn more about themselves.

What I know is that adult change is hard and hard work. A change is hard to get started and it's hard to follow-through and finish. There are forces in our lives that also make the change hard to maintain without effort.  That's why Bearing works with its clients from the inside-out.

Success that comes from the inside-out is sustainable and far-reaching.

My qualifications include:

  • Being an Adler Trained Coach (2015)
  • Being a YB12 Master Coach (2017)
  • Having managed over 125 people in my career
  • Having worked and lived in 3 countries
  • Having been a Chemical Engineer (P.Eng., Waterloo)
  • Holding an M.A.Sc. in Management Science (O.D., Waterloo)
  • Holding an M.B.A. (Marketing, University of Memphis)
  • Hogan Assessment Certification (2017)
  • Certified CPI Career Transition Coach (2015)