Michael Hagley

Owner + Coach

What makes Bearing different is my unique approach to developing people who are responsible for other people in an organization at all levels. My unique background in Engineering, fine chemicals, network operations, technology, sales, media, and e-commerce both in Canada and internationally, as a manager, leader and coach, have built within me a set of perspectives few can match.

It is these differing and different perspectives that fuel my curiosity in better understanding what people can do, and what you can and want to do. They allow me easy access to understanding your current work and life context and what questions might help you unlock your own curiosity, your own creative genius and full potential that will move you to where you want to be.

In this day of over stimulation and too much information I use of various assessments to begin the process of grounding my clients and raising their awareness of themselves. Through training, I develop unique skill sets within my clients. Through coaching, my clients implement their new skills and shift behaviour to build teams and achieve results that exceed their competition’s capabilities, thereby winning in their marketplace.

I use a similar approach with my individual clients, those people who come to me on their own, to ground them, raise awareness, support their learning, build new skills and shift behaviour to drive their full potential, proactively make changes, intentionally try new things and succeed!

If you’re up to it, if you really want something new or different and are prepared to work for it, connect with me - phone, email, direct message, text or smoke signal. Even if you don’t become a client, I’m hopeful a 30 minute call will be valuable for you!

Success that comes from the inside-out is sustainable and far-reaching.

My qualifications include:

  • Being an Adler Trained Coach (2015)

  • Being a YB12 Master Coach (2017)

  • Having managed over 125 people in my career

  • Having worked and lived in 3 countries

  • Having been a Chemical Engineer (P.Eng., Waterloo)

  • Holding an M.A.Sc. in Management Science (O.D., Waterloo)

  • Holding an M.B.A. (Marketing, University of Memphis)

  • Hogan Assessment Certification (2017)

  • Certified CPI Career Transition Coach (2015)

How well do you lead, manage, and coach your team?