Michael Hagley

Owner + Coach

The energy of people coming together is a powerful thing.

I have long thought of this empowering connection as a compass that sets the bearing of collaborative, cooperative, meaningful work.

I founded Bearing to make it my mission to share a similar meaningful work experience to as many people as possible. Together, with a commitment to achieve the best results, people achieve mutual success. The outcome of these relationships is beautiful.

My greatest joy in life is seeing someone else find the same meaningful success that I have discovered, whether that be on a rowing team, a football field, an existing business, or within a thriving new business.

Success that comes from the inside out is sustainable and far-reaching

Accreditations include:

  • YB12 Coach (2017)
  • Hogan Assessment Certification (2017)
  • Adler Trained Coach (2015)
  • Certified CPI Career Transition Coach (2015)
  • MBA (Marketing - 1996)
  • MASc Management Science (Organizational Design - 1989)          
  • Professional Engineer