Success is achieved together.

No one really does it all by themselves!  We all need others to help us get things done and be successful. At work, and in sport, powerful teams form based on trust that allows you to be fully you and accepted. It allows you to support your teammates because you know they are counting on you too.  Powerful teams also have an ability to communicate well through the rough patches.  They deliver success through commitment to the team, accountability for their work and a focus on results!

Teams are created through hard work and don't form based on an organizational chart.

At Bearing, we work with leaders and their direct reports to create powerful, functional, positive teams that deliver great results.  We work with everyone to design an approach that brings out the best in the team and delivers results that routinely win in your marketplace.

Bearing’s flexible team-building strategies help leaders and their direct reports build great teams.

For teams we:

  • Assess current team function based on the 5 cohesive behaviours (Lencioni)
  • Work one-to-many to coach team development on the 5 cohesive behaviours
  • Work one-to-one with managers to train them how to coach team members
  • Work one-to-many with the team to coach around a specific challenge


  • Singular focus on team results
  • Focused functional and process accountability
  • Higher engagement
  • Higher motivation
  • Increased retention
  • Reduced costs

Want to be the one to navigate your team to new successes? Let's figure it out.