Motivate and inspire your audience by having us out to talk to them. 

At Bearing we love to share our passion for connection, surpassing limits, exceeding potential, making meaning and having purpose, with audiences everywhere! 

Bearing currently offers two engaging and inspiring interactive talks:

Getting to where you want to be: This talk shares and goes deeply into the top 4 things holding us back from getting to where we want to be.  It then shares the 3 things you need to put into practice to start moving forward using practical, pragmatic steps. It finishes with 3 things you need to do to get out of your comfort zone and overcome your own resistance to change (40 to 50 minutes).

Keeping your Rockstar status as a new Manager: You are excellent at what you do, one of the best, a Rockstar.  You've been asked to leader others doing similar work or you've decided to create something new.  In this talk, you will learn how to make that transition, keep your Rockstar status and beat the current odds of being successful in your new role - the current odds are dismal!  Good news is we can show you how to beat them!

Let’s talk about how to motivate and inspire your audience, today.

  • Great linkage between personal thoughts and achieving goals and the reinforcement through analogies; a very engaging speaker.
    — Martha Wallace, October 2017