Your leaders navigate your environment, competitors, and capabilities to deliver success for your organization.

Your organization has great products and services that people want and need.  It is the people in your organization that make the business successful!  It is the leaders who must be able to create great teams that innovate and deliver superior market results.  To do this leaders must be able to generate trust in their direct reports.  They must foster an environment that supports critical conversations, commitment, accountability and a drive to results!

Who your leaders are and how they bring themselves to their work and to their people determines how successful they will be as a leader.

At Bearing, we believe that each manager is unique and brings their own experience, knowledge, skills, and attitude to their role. We work collaboratively with managers to help them be better leaders. We help them raise their awareness of themselves.  We help them understand their impact on their team, and the organization.  We work from their strengths to help them get their best results.  We strengthen your leaders from the inside out.

Our flexible, tailored approach and lived experience allow us to work with just about any leader in any industries at any stage in their career. 

For Leaders we:

  • Identify and develop strengths in the context of their role
  • Work with you one-to-one to transform your leadership
  • Use assessments to highlight and guide opportunities for development
  • Work with you one-to-one to thrive through transitions that affect you and your team

For Organizations we:

  • Identify leadership potential and help you prepare them to move up
  • Support your new managers and make them better leaders in their first 2 years
  • Develop leadership depth in your teams to take you further over time
  • Work with leaders to build and support cohesive, powerful teams


  • Managers who become great leaders
  • Better business results
  • Lower turnover, higher retention
  • Stability
  • Higher commitment
  • Happier people
  • Lower HR costs

Be the North Star that lights your organization's path forward? Let us know where you are headed and how we can help! 

  • A refreshing re-introduction to the importance of goal setting and the path to achieving them.
    — Steven Porter, October 2017