Trust, it's the cornerstone of your ability to lead!

Trust is a fragile thing. It's often hard to develop and easy to throw away. Showing up in tough situations and be O.K. finding a solution together is a sure fire way to start to build trust. Understanding that our impact is not always what we intend and being open to fixing it will go a long way to building more trust.


You're on stage - model the way!

When you're a leader everything you do matters and people are watching you for guidance and to understand what behaviour is "acceptable". So, although that may feel stressful, it's a great opportunity to be and show your best!


Help them deliver what you need!

It's great to promote someone because they deserve it! More important is not leaving them to their own devices after the promotion. Make sure to support them. Their lack of performance 6 months down the road may be because you didn't!