Navigate towards a new personal best.

Transitions are about you moving from the place you are now in life, at work, or in school, to a different place, a place that is new to you with new circumstances and expectations. Moving to a different place often requires a different perspective and application of a different set of your existing skills to continue to drive success.

At Bearing we work with you to figure it out and get you to success in your new place, faster and more confidently than you could by yourself!

For transitions we:

  • Uncover, name and build on your strengths that support you in your new place
  • Build your self-leadership capacity
  • Teach you a system for goal setting and action planning
  • Coach you through the transition and into your new place

Transitions might look like:

  • Moving to a new job with many unknowns
  • Graduating and going to higher education
  • Graduating and getting into the workforce
  • Preparing to take on new responsibilities
  • Retiring and figuring out what's next

Transformations are about doing something differently and getting different results than you have in the past! Working with Bearing will help you figure out what to change and do it more quickly than figuring it out on your own. We will also help you make the changes "stick" which will drive continued success for you over time.

For transformations we:

  • Get to the core of what is holding back your results
  • Drive awareness of what to change
  • Identify your top strengths that will help you in this context
  • Develop a list of choices to drive the change
  • Coach you through the transformation to your new results

Transformation might look like:

  • Leading from a different place - formal authority to a coaching perspective
  • Thinking differently, choosing different words, telling your story differently
  • Creating more awareness around a behaviour and giving yourself more opportunity
  • Seeing the future differently and creating a new path forward


  • Outcomes you want, more often
  • A plan that works for you
  • Elimination of doubt
  • Reduced stress
  • An ability to go further and be more successful than you expected

Ready to navigate towards a new personal best from the inside out?  Let’s have a conversation about you!

  • Nice to know this attitude of procrastination can be conquered and there is a proven method of overcoming it.
    — Denise-Angela David, October 2017
  • A clear reminder of what needs to be done and how to do it. The micro-goals are a great idea, helps to take baby steps toward goal.
    — Stuart Colvin, October 2017
  • My experience with Bearing was one I've never experienced before, for the first time I was able to work with a professional on my own goals receiving coaching and guidance which led me forward. Working with Michael has been enlightening and progressive.
    — Justin Bedward, August 2018