Navigate towards a new personal best.

New or changing personal goals? Adjusting to a new environment? Ready to invest in yourself?

Bearing helps individuals of all ages, stages of life, backgrounds, and motivations to “shift” their trajectory, adjust their path, and navigate towards a new personal best.

For those people who are ready to create a different future from the inside out, Bearing provides unparalleled One-to-One Coaching and Development services.

One-to-One coaching is often a grassroots process. Together, we help you discover who you are and where you want to go from within our coaching conversations.  We combine this personal approach with our proven techniques to put the outcomes you are reaching for in the palm of your hands:

  • Strengths Assessment and Development
  • 12-month Personal Guided Development Program
  • Leader as Coach Training (for your career goals)
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan Development


Investing in yourself from the inside out empowers you to take charge of your work, your life and your wellbeing.  Your outcomes are based on the effort you put into your life and the level of action you use to manage that effort. Your one-to-one relationship with a Bearing coach, enables you to be more productive in less time, with greater meaning and more profound results. 

Ready to navigate towards a new personal best from the inside out?  Let’s have a conversation about you!

  • Nice to know this attitude of procrastination can be conquered and there is a proven method of overcoming it.
    — Denise-Angela David, October 2017
  • A clear reminder of what needs to be done and how to do it. The micro-goals are a great idea, helps to take baby steps toward goal.
    — Stuart Colvin, October 2017