Shifts - small changes and why they are important!

When you start to think about doing something new, even something like a project you are really passionate about, I believe there is often at least a brief moment of second guessing starting that project. For me there is that quick check-in question to myself, “O.K. so you’re doing this right? Why?” Answered in the affirmative with all the reasons why, I get started! What happens for you?

Now change the lense a bit and try to get started on something that you “need” to get done. How easy is it to answer the same question to yourself? A little tougher I am sure.

There are all the regular reasons of course, not the right goals set up for yourself, you’re not focused, you have an idea of how to get it done, and you might not feel like doing it etc. Or, you might be thinking of the pile of things you need to do to even get started.

I’ve been listening lately for push back on getting things done and what I hear and see is clients and others looking at the change or the desire to do something different, in its totality, right at the start! They see the whole project and not just the first step and that tends to hold them up!

We know that adult behaviour change is hard, needs to happen over time, and there are a number of things that can hold or push us back from our goal.

The key here is to make small changes, shifts. A small shift over a long journey can land you in a totally different place. Think of an airplane or a boat making a crossing of the Pacific Ocean, 1 degree off on the flight plan or the course of the boat puts you somewhere different. If you were flying to Vancouver from Tokyo you would end up 70% of the way to Seattle (as the crow flies). A 5 degree shift gets you closer to the Oregon / California state line.

So, small can get you somewhere different over time. Small shifts can get you small wins more often than looking for big wins. This is really important. When you win with that small shift you get a lift! That lift gives you internal satisfaction and increases your motivation. Increased motivation will probably lead to another successful small shift. And, so it will go, until you have been completely successful!

Try it out for yourself and see how it goes!