Round 3 - Recovery

Well it’s more than 5 weeks post surgery and almost 5 weeks at home!

Things are starting to get back to being more “normal”. Some of the early meds to help recovery are done. Incisions are all healed and fading. My chest is feeling stronger - not ready for pushing or pulling yet but able to handle smaller tasks. Closing a snap lid food container is getting easier (who would have thought that would have been a healing challenge!?)

My family is doing a great job of helping me and putting up with me being frustrated by my decreased capacity! Thank you!

If there was a single thing that was reinforced over and over again in Round 3, it was having been in good shape and generally very good health before the surgery has been a boon to my recovery.

There is absolutely nothing I can or could have done differently with regard to my heart. My “genes” were in control of the issue. A life of exercise, weight management, an “everything in moderation” approach, laughter, connection and starting “with the end in mind”, are what got me out of the hospital “early”, and are helping me to heal exceptionally fast (according to my Dr.’s).

This will most likely be the last article in “Round 3”. I don’t expect there to be a “Round 4”. And, I expect to be around until I’m 103 years old! Enjoy everyday, it’s that important. I will!

Thank you for reading and for being here with me!.