Round 3 - The Surgeon and the Schedule

Well here I am two weeks after the intro. Things are progressing. Kind of!

Saw the surgeon. He confirmed triple and maybe a quadruple bypass. O.K., I’ve come to terms with having my chest sawed open - kind of - let’s get it done.

The schedule, well the Dr.’s are working on it. Could be two weeks from now or could be middle of September. It’s unclear at the moment.

I find this a “real head scratcher” - a moment when someone tells you something and the only response you can get out is, “Huh?” This is where systems feel rigid. I came to the system, before I was an “emergency” because I want to take care of myself and am under no illusions as to what’s going wrong.

The system says “wait”. I feel more pain. I tell the system. It says, “wait”. I don’t smoke, I exercise, I take and have taken all my medication from day one - I’m a good patient. So, even though I don’t think it’s the case (and it certainly isn’t with my cardiologist) I can’t escape hearing “wait” as “wait until you’re an emergency”! Are you kidding?

Anyway, if one can hope for such a thing, I hope to get in soon and not become an emergency!

More later, as and when I feel courageous enough to share again.