Round 3 - The Inbetween

Well, now is the “in between”. That time between getting a date for surgery and the surgery itself! It could be called “the big wait” but, that wouldn’t be helpful!

I find that sometimes, it’s time to push on something to try to make it happen and at other times it just isn’t the time. In those latter cases, you want to push on something to get it done and the world pushes back.

This is an instance of the world pushing back on me. Neither of the two hospitals that do bypass surgery that I was referred to could get me in before September. Mercifully, I’m going in on the 4th of September - “may the 4th be with me”.

My pre-op assessment and meetings are done. Blood has been drawn and analyzed. X-rays have been taken and shared. I have my instructions. I know when to stop my meds - some at least. I know how to physically prepare the night before. Now, I wait - kinda.

I figure I have to remain physically and mentally strong before I get on the table. So, instead of running, I’m doing long, quick walks - 5 to 7 kilometers at 9 minutes 30 seconds a kilometer. On days when its raining, I gently ride on the bike trainer - sometimes my chest hurts and I have to back off. To keep my mind sharp, I’m working with my clients helping them move forward. And, I’m reading new stuff like, “How Emotions are Made”.

So, even though it’s the in between, I’m keeping it all moving and preparing for the time after the 4th. See you on the other side of this “in between” in the “yet to come”!