Psychological Safety

How to start being more consistent

How to start being more consistent

Last week I wrote about when managers are inconsistent and the impact it can have on their people like reducing effectiveness, creating misunderstandings, creating worry, stress and a lack of safety about their job. As requested, here are some thoughts on being consistent and why you might want to make a shift in how consistent you are being.

Creating a Powerful Team: Step 1

Setting the stage

At Bearing we work with our clients to create strong, connected teams.  More and more work is being done in teams and through work groups (1).  Teams work face-to-face and remotely, and each modality has its own challenges – in this post I consider face-to-face settings.  Team performance, in this case, is strongly tied to three components, average social sensitivity of the group, conversational turn taking and the proportion of females in the group.