Introducing Bearing


I recently underwent an in-depth brand discovery process with Lab Creative and it helped to clarify so much about what I do best.  It also helped how to leverage my skills, capture my “why” and incorporate my personality into a brand that would resonate with my coaching and leadership clients.

Through this process it became apparent to me that I needed a new name for my business.  After combining all the work, we had done, we brainstormed several ideas for the name for my business and Bearing became the lead contender! Why? Because it has so many meanings that resonate with me and what I do!

It indicates, direction, support, relevance and presentation.

Presentation comes from “a person’s way of standing or moving” and I might add being.  For leaders, the way they carry themselves speaks volumes to those they lead.  It shows their authenticity in the role and marshals people to them.  They have the bearing of a leader.

When something has bearing on what you do, it is relevant to you.  When you have bearing on your organization or your team, you are relevant to them.  By recognizing the bearing you demonstrate, I believe you come to realize the responsibility you have to show up and “work, from the inside out”.

In the basement of our houses are various structures without which, the house would collapse.  The load bearing walls, and posts and beams are literally the foundation of the house.  Leaders are that support structure for their teams and without them their teams would collapse.

And, because we are in motion to get things done at work and in our lives, your journey has a bearing to it, a direction you have chosen.  From time to time we look up from that path and must readjust as things around us have changed.  We have to get our bearings and potentially set a new course.


The logo design is an energetic and engaging design that incorporates intersecting lines within the letters!  These intersecting lines reflect the different points at which I join leaders and teams along the path of their work journey to help them connect and drive results.  You’ll see this design element throughout my new branding.

The deep blue is a grounded, professional colour paired with a bold, dynamic orange to express the energy I bring.

The Essence

Work, from the inside out.  As we progress through our careers the thing that trips us up most is the way we behave.  Behaviour is a product of how we feel and how we think.  The way we think has been shaped by many factors over time to create values, beliefs and habits.  Awareness of your values, beliefs and habits allows you to understand your behaviour now and sets the stage for change in the future. To change behaviour for the future, you must start, and work, from the inside out.

“Meaningful behavioural change is very hard to do.”

Marshall Goldsmith, Triggers.

My Brand Position

I join leaders and teams at points along their work journey to connect powerfully, surpass their limits and rise to their potential in an energetic, intuitive, meaningful and purposeful way.

My Why

I get joy and fulfillment from helping my clients develop and succeed in a way that has meaning and purpose for them.

My Message

The only way to achieve a significant level of growth and development, is from the inside out!  Come along and work with me, to grow, do more, achieve and succeed like never before!

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.