Focus, with everything you have!

Focus is today, more than ever, the secret weapon of every successful person!  There is no other way to get things done - the first time; get them done right; spend the least amount of time; feel satisfied; know that you’ve done a great job; get the lift in your mood and energy by having a success - no matter how small!

Multitasking Challenge

Have you ever done the multi-tasking challenge? I hope this helps prove it to you! This is a timed challenge:

  • Write out the sentence: I am a good multitasker.  

  • Then write each of the numbers between 1 and 24.

How much time did that take?

Now multitask on two separate lines write both of the above one letter or character at a time and time yourself.

  • So, on line one write I; line two write 1; line one write a; line two write 2 and so on.

  • Check for errors. Notice how neat you were compared to the single lines.

  • Notice your time! It will be 3x to 4x your original time.  

  • Your work won’t be as neat or easy to read - the quality will be lower!

It looks like this:

Multitasking Test.png

So, yes, I am equating, in this example, focus and “not multitasking”.  Multitasking, the badge that so many people wear to prove they are working hard is the opposite of focus.

Focus at work

When thinking about work and managing a team, focus helps you get more done and be a better manager.  Think about the interruptions and distractions you allow (yes, you have a choice not to get distracted or interrupted) when you are doing something you are focused on.  Remember your quadrants in time management? The things that interrupt and distract you are quadrant 1 activities that don’t get you ahead - like your buzzing phone.

The multitasking badge (of honour?)

It’s hard, I know. The large majority of people wear the multitasking badge.  Remember though, that only 4% of people live in a world where they get more done than just about anyone else because they can focus! So, if you wear the multitasking badge, you have lots of company.  

Start focusing today!

If you want to get more done, do it better and get better results, try focusing for a while and see how different it is. If you have competing tasks, finish the first or put it away in manner that you can easily restart it, focus on the next task, person, opportunity.  It will take time to get the hang of it. Stick with it. Be resilient to the influences that would interrupt, distract and have you sew that badge back on! I guarantee that if you do it right, you’ll see the difference in your results and outcomes!