What's your personal 10x multiplier?

I’m working with a new client organization and they are growing rapidly and looking to scale quickly. The CEO was reading two books* that I picked up and read.  A part of growing as quickly as these two authors talk about, is the multiplier. Its that 10x or 100x capability that the company knows is something special no one else has.  They also know how to put it to use and they guard it closely. It is that one thing that they can do better than any other company in the world.

Our Personal Multiplier

What's your 10x capability? What is it about how you manage, lead or coach, that sets you apart!? What if you could figure out your 10x multiplier? What would that mean for your ability to lead and get results?

I am just now starting to understand my own 10x. It's quite subtle and is really coming to me through feedback from clients, partners and other coaches.

Your Massive Transformative Purpose

One of the authors talks about a company’s Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and its driving force for the organization.  What’s your massive transformative purpose - what is driving you everyday when you show up to work?

I believe that if you are able to connect with this purpose it will help you find your 10x multiplier.  The challenge with connecting with it is first believing that there is something that important to you.  Then finding it, in spite of the thoughts and conversations that might suggest to you that it’s not important or relevant.

What could it be?

For companies, their multipliers can be external - how they employ non-traditional resources outside the company - or internal - things they do uniquely to make their business run.

Your 10x (or maybe your 100x super power) could be external - how you bring people together when most needed and set the stage for them to really shine and deliver. Your 10x could be internal - how you think about what you do and how you track of your progress! 

When you find your 10x, take time to understand it. Use it and test it. See if it really works. Then fine tune it.  Use it when it counts. Drive your own success as a leader, manager and coach, way past your original expectations! Then celebrate!


* Scaling Up: Verne Harnish; Exponential Organizations: Salim Ismail