Just get something done!

I’m imploring you to get into action!

You have to get something done. You have to show some results. You have to have a work product. It takes action. It takes focus. It could take a leap of faith (if you don’t have enough information). In the end, you have to get something done, complete, finished, handed-over, out the door, off your plate - you get the idea.

Why get something done?

You have to get something done because you have to move forward and you can only move forward by completing things.

You have to get something done because something else is coming.

You have to get something done because someone is measuring you.

You have to get something done because that is how you are going to be successful!

So, what are you going to get done this year?

Where will your success come this year?

What will success look like for you in 2019?

Where will you have the most success?

  • With your family?

  • At work?

  • In sports?

  • At your craft?

  • At school?

  • In your research?

  • Where will it be for you!?

Success will come for you in whatever area you choose to get something done!

And, here is the secret - it can be something small and easy to do!

In fact, if you get a number of small things done, things that are easy to do, you can accomplish something big! Ha! Didn’t see that one coming did you!

A one-degree shift

I love the 1-degree analogy. 1 degree is small and it's easy to be off direction by one degree, intentionally. The analogy goes like this - shifting course by 1 degree over a long trip will take you hundreds of kilometers from your original destination.

Imagine a ship crossing the Atlantic, off course by 1 degree for the whole trip - aiming for the south of England and ending up on the French coast. 1 degree! Imagine if the course of that ship, shifted an additional one degree every hour it was on the ocean - it would hit the coast of Africa!

And, in the end

If you want to end up in a different place than usual, find a way to make a small shift in something you do. Do it differently, get something done and see where you end up. You might like the new destination!