Coaching - Empowering or Remedial?

I heard something earlier this week, that set me off a bit, where people were concerned that others knew they were being coached. And that they might be perceived poorly for doing so. That there must be something wrong! Wow!! That is so the opposite of the power of coaching.  In the world of sports do the top players not have coaches? What’s wrong with them? Do the top singers not have vocal coaches? Tennis players, golfers, executives and so on. They all have coaches.

You hear of people having and working with coaches all the time.  I suspect that people, in general, see these public figures differently than they see themselves without realizing that they have more!  Often, our beliefs while operating to keep us safe, keep us stuck too. They they talk us out of believing we could do more in our own lives, they keep us from stepping into all of what we already have and our full potential.  And that is a shame!

I’m not trying to convince anyone to get a coach and start working on shifting perspectives, beliefs, behaviours, habits and looking at doing things differently - although I do believe that through reflection and continuous learning you’ll go further and the right coach can support you in doing those things.  

So, why don’t we shift our own perspectives and look for ways to do things differently, to apply new learning and drive more out of our potential?  Well, we get comfortable (read Forbes - Why Feeling Uncomfortable is the key to success).  We have “no time”, we have habits, we are on  autopilot, we have set ways of doing things, we have tons of experience and they keep us rooted in one spot.  

Requisites to shifting include the desire to shift (something you keep coming back to and never get started on), a vision of the you / your life / your career / your purpose after the shift, someone to be there with you through the shift (we need people).

Why is it that when some people lose their jobs they end up doing something totally different?  They get dropped into an uncomfortable, even crazy situation and those who have had thoughts about doing something different, now have a catalyst! A little push!

You don’t need that external push.  You can activate the uncomfortable, sharpen your senses and do something different, now. The best part is that you are doing something intentional.  You are going to succeed on purpose not because of something else. And yes, you will be uncomfortable. And yes, a coach, the right coach for you, can support you through it all! And, it doesn’t have to break the bank either!

Coaching is empowering and facilitates your movement forward, on purpose!  Step into yourself and “succeed deliberately” (Jae Rang -