Round 3 - The Intro

I just came back from my walk (19.07.11) and I had to walk (not run or cycle) because my heart is getting clogged again.  This time, in Round 3, they say I need bypass surgery. There may be 4 bypasses or more to be made. I’m definitely not impressed.

This is Round 3 because in 2002 I had a small heart attack - small because I figured out what was happening before it went supernova on me and got into the hospital.  In 2009, I felt things coming back, caught it again and got a stent installed in a big artery in my heart.

Now, in Round 3, I caught it again as I was trying to get my running and cycling season started.  I was, and still am, so annoyed. It took me a little longer to catch it this time as it has been building since about May.

The source of these Rounds, back and forward with my heart, is my genetics.  I’ve taken all my meds, all these years, and taken good care of myself.

To be clear, this is nonsense and I want to get through it and out the other side and keep going.  Almost a year ago, I completed a short course triathlon handily and within my capabilities, and in a decent time.  And then 3 months later, in October, I completed my first ever half marathon. And in March we skied for 5 days and my daughter and I did “bumps”, lots of bumps!

Now I have this small business - Bearing - and Round 3 is going to test my Personal Leadership skills. My goals are:

  • To live to 103 and I am doing things now (and always have been) to get there

  • To be here for my grandchildren and play physically with them

  • To support my family and my clients

  • To do all of this with grace, love and laughter

I’m writing and publishing Round 3 to create an outlet for myself; to step into and through whatever is coming; to emerge and intentionally fulfil my goals; to exercise my own Personal Leadership!